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✔  FREE Basic wash valued at $22!

✔ Unlock access to exclusive monthly pricing

✔ Free vacuum

✔ Clean car in 3-minutes

We are passionate about everyone being able to drive a clean car everyday which is why for a limited time, we are offering select community groups a FREEwash and to unlock access to exclusive monthly, unlimited wash pricing.

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How do I access this offer?

Fill in the form above and you will receive your FREE WASH coupon.   Everyone who access the offer will be invited to access special pricing on the Monthly Unlimited Wash Club. 

Who is eligible for this special offer?

Any friends of Washed who have been made aware of this offer.   Lucky you!

How long is it available for?

Your FREE WASH is available for 4 weeks from date of coupon hitting your inbox.   This coupon is available for a limited time only and is invite only.

Is your car wash safe for my car?

Yes!  The equipment, materials and products at Washed are the very same as those used by prestige car dealerships, developed in the United States and Italy by the industry’s finest.   Durasoft® microfibre foam materials combine to create the best in car-washing technology. Gone are the days of worrying about scratches on your car’s surface from going through the carwash, the unique design of our brushes’ fingers means that a high-powered clean can be very low impact, while getting deep into all the grooves for a thorough, gentle and soft clean.

What is included in the Free Wash?

A Basic wash includes:

✓ Wheel clean   

✓ Free vacuum

✓ Tri-colour conditioner    

✓ Turbo power air dry

✓ Gentle + soft wash 

✓ High pressure clean  

How long will it take?

Only 3 minutes then you can vacuum to your hearts content!


We hope to see you soon.