✔ 50+ washes to qualify

✔ Current month-to-month members

✔ Complimentary coffee every wash*

Any customer on an unlimited month-to-month subscription with 50+ washes is automatically welcomed into the W CLUB, our exclusive VIP program for our most valued customers.

To show our appreciation for your ongoing support we provide additional services and exclusive offers with local traders.

Make sure your email is up-to-date and we will notify once you have qualified.

Happy washing.

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Who qualifies for the VIP W Club?

Any customer who has washed 50 or more times at Washed and is also a current subscriber of the month-to-month wash program.

Washes counted per subscribed customer.  In the case you have more than one registered car using Washed all washes against those cars will be counted.  Washes counted from September 2017.


What is the VIP W Club?

It offers recognition for our most frequent washers and provides them with exclusive access to special offers to thank them for their loyalty.  There is no membership fee to be a part of the VIP W Club.   Membership cannot be purchased - it must be earned via wash frequency and being a current month-to-month subscriber.


What are the benefits?

  • *Free regular sized coffee or tea at Foddies Cafe (3 doors down) each time you wash.

  • Access to discounts at local traders

Will more benefits be added in the future?

Yes.  We plan to gradually add more benefits.  If you have any suggestions we are happy to hear feedback on benefits that work for you: info@washedcar.com.au 

How to I know if I have qualified?

You will receive an email from Washed, if not email us at info@washedcar.com.au.

VIP W Club customers will be provided a W Club windscreen sticker for smooth entry every time at Washed.

When will I receive my windscreen sticker?

These will be handed out by our attendant once you reach 50 washes.  If you have any questions please contact us at info@washedcar.com.au.

Please note if you cancel your membership you are no longer eligible for VIP status and therefore need to return or remove your W Club windscreen sticker.

If you have any further questions about your Washed Club Membership, please visit our Customer Support Centre: