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Washing your car at Washed is a better choice for the environment


Did you know on average, a home car wash results in over 100 litres of wastewater, dirt and pollutants.


If collected and allowed to settle, this type of home wash is shown to produce approximately 750 millilitres of thick black oily sludge waste that runs straight to our waterways.

Cleanest car wash melbourne


Washed machines are water-efficient with very high pressure pumps. Our state of the art equipment is linked to a recycling system, with 70-80% of water is reclaimed, cleaned and re-used.

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At Washed, the dirty, contaminated run-off goes through special settlement pits to sewer.  None is allowed to run off into the storm water systems which drain into the rivers and bay.

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The products we use are pH neutral, Biodegradable and Phosphate free.  Safe for the environment and safe for your car.  We don't use harmful to paintwork acids that some car washes use.

Washed uses the most advanced car wash technology in the world

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