And we know you do too, so why not give them the very best? The equipment, materials and products at Washed are the very same as those used by prestige and top-of-the-range car dealerships, developed in the United States and Italy by the industry’s finest. After a quick trip through Washed, your car will be gleaming and ready to hit the road, every time.



After a three-minute visit through the state-of-the-art equipment at Washed, your car will be thoroughly clean and dry. With every visit you are invited to take advantage of our complimentary high-powered vacuums.



These microfibre foam materials combine to create the best in car-washing technology. Gone are the days of worrying about scratches on your car’s surface from going through the carwash.

Nothing like the bristles of a scrubbing brush, the unique design of our brushes’ fingers means that a high-powered clean can be very low impact, while getting deep into all the grooves for a thorough, gentle and soft clean.



Within three minutes, your car travels the length of our 25-metre tunnel, passing end-to-end through best-quality, exceptionally gentle cleaning, polishing and drying equipment.



A car isn’t fully Washed without gleaming wheels. The Pendulum is an innovative system that combines wheel tracking, a quality specialty detergent and high-pressure nozzles to thoroughly remove road grime and brake dusts for the best possible clean.



At Washed, we care about our precious natural resources. We recycle water and use biodegradable and phosphate free detergents to ensure the health of our water supply.  Washed holds 5 star rating with the Australian Car Wash association. 

Treating your car to a Washed clean means you’re also treating our water supplies well – it uses far less water than washing at home, and we have the ability to reuse supplies rather than let it go down the drain.  READ MORE >



Bright blue car at carwash

When you really need it, we’re on hand to give your car a pre-treatment before heading into the tunnel. We’ll make sure there’s no trace of heavy road grime, especially grubby tyres, splattered bugs or bird poo.

always free vacuums


No coins, no tokens, no worries – Washed provides free use of high powered vacuums to our customers. Grab a nozzle and vacuum till your hearts content.



clean car wash melbourne washed waffle

Every car is designed a bit differently and sometimes small amounts of water can remain in nooks and crevices – like side mirrors, roof racks, bumpers and boot jamb – even after going through our powerful air drier.

To avoid little drips and streaks from drying and marking your beautifully Washed car, after driving for a few minutes to dislodge any remaining water, pull over and wipe over with your WashedWaffle for a perfect finish.

WashedWaffles are available to purchase for $5 each from our friendly staff.