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Gentle + soft wash 

High pressure clean

Tri-colour conditioner 

Turbo power air dry

Wheel clean

 Free vacuum

4WD AND Vans no extra charge

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+ Tyre shine   + Lava bath 

+ Tyre shine   + Lava bath 
+ Ceramic Coating


Drive a clean car everyday







Drive a clean car everyday

Wash and vacuum your car as often as you like for one low monthly fee!

✔ Unlimited washes

✔ 4WDs and Vans 

✔ No lock on contract  

For lovers of an always Washed car, try our obligation free Month-to-Month Unlimited Wash Club  program. and join thousands of fellow locals who have discovered the joy of driving a clean car everyday!


Clean your car as often as you like and, to make it even easier for you, there’s no need to carry around a membership card – we identify you by your number plate, so you’re good to go.


How does it work?


Once you have registered securely online or onsite, your vehicle will be recognised upon entry.  Registered vehicles may wash as many times as they like each month.  One vehicle is eligible per membership.

Do you charge more for larger vehicles?

No.  Large SUVs and Vans are covered in the price.

What is the difference between the three wash types;  Basic, Classic and Ultimate Wash?

A Basic wash includes:

Wheel clean   

Free vacuum

✓ Tri-colour conditioner    

Turbo power air dry

Gentle + soft wash 

High pressure clean  

A Classic wash includes all of the above plus:

Tyre shine   

Lava bath 

The Ultimate wash includes all of the above plus:

✓ Ceramic Shine

with the option to add on a Buff n' Shine for $3 or $6 to your monthly membership.

Does Monthly Unlimited membership entitle me to unlimited washing?


Yes! You can wash your registered vehicle as many times as you like each month and use the free vacuum services.  We are open 7 days a week.

How am I billed?

Your monthly membership fees are automatically billed to your credit card each month in advance and monthly thereafter until such time the agreement is terminated by you or by Washed.

What if I am going on holiday or need to put a hold on my monthly unlimited membership?

We understand the need for flexibility and convenience so that's why this service is contract free.  Before your next billing cycle you may cancel or place  a hold on your monthly membership by emailing us at least 5 business days in advance at  Part-month refunds cannot be provided so in the event you choose to cancel or hold, you will have access to your monthly membership up to the end of your last billing cycle. 

How can I cancel my monthly unlimited membership?

Monthly Unlimited memberships are month-to-month and there are no contractual commitments or cancellation charges.  In the event you would like to cancel your monthly membership from the following month onwards, simply email us at


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